Building Community

Students in all grades participate in the All-School Read as a shared academic and communal experience. The All-School Read inspires year-long programming that inspires curiosity, cultivates strong character, and creates intersections through the entire student experience.

Last summer, students read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba. This memoir provides a compelling study of a young man who overcomes great adversity by building a windmill to harness electricity to support his family through incredible hardships in Malawi, Africa.

The All-School Read is one of many initiatives and programs that builds community and a sense of brotherhood on Baker Street.

Knight Days

The CM community celebrates all the successes of CM students in arts, athletics, and service. Over the course of the school year, CM pauses the regular routine to celebrate an area of student life.

CM crafts four days of programming to honor the arts, academics, athletics, and Campus Ministry, respectively. Students have the opportunity to work with peers whom they don’t regularly see during the academic day and to interact with faculty in new ways.

See a brief description of each day below...


To emphasize interdisciplinary learning, each grade level explores its own topic or essential question through a variety of perspectives. The topics help students forge connections between content they’ve learned in all their classes.

Last year, the senior class studied homelessness in the city of Boston. Students explored the history of the problem, learned about current policy, and designed their own strategies to address the problem effectively.

Campus Ministry

On the Campus Ministry Knight Day, CM students participate in a day of prayer and reflection.

This year students discussed the problem of toxic masculinity. The day began with four reflections from faculty members on their definition of manhood. Then, students participated in small group activities to discuss mindfulness, emotional well-being, and a healthy view of masculinity.


On this day, CM celebrates the work of students in music, studio art, and performing art. The day opens with a collaborative performance which includes singing, acting, spoken word, and instrumental performances.

Following the opening performance, students divide into small groups to participate in a mindfulness and drawing exercise, create tie dye T-shirts, and perform musically.


Olympic Day is one of the longest running CM traditions. It is a day of community building and healthy competition.

The day includes dodgeball, free-throw shooting, push-up contests, and other fun games. This team-building day concludes with a senior versus faculty volleyball game.

Freshman Experience

The Freshman Experience is an overnight orientation program designed to acclimate freshmen to Catholic Memorial’s school culture and traditions. Held over two days, the orientation program includes team-building activities to help the students crossing the street from CM’s middle school and those joining CM in 9th grade to meet one another and meld into one class.

On the first day, students travel to Hale Reservation in Westwood for the teambuilding component. Throughout the first day and into the evening, Peer Ministers offer reflections on their own experiences being new, becoming involved, and developing academically and spiritually.

The second day includes a trip to the Blue Hills Reservation where freshman, faculty, and Peer Minsters hike to the observation tower where they have lunch before returning to campus for a concluding prayer service.
The Freshman Experience is the first step to building an intentional community and introducing students to the CM brotherhood in the high school.

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