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Don Shruhan

Some people credit their life’s success to being in the right place at the right time. For Don Shruhan ’73, it was more the case of the right school at the right time. Coming to CM from the Boston public school system, Shruhan believes that it is how the school taught the kids who were in the middle of the pack, as he was. “If it wasn’t for that extra help, and recognizing that that’s all I needed, I could have been one of those kids that I used to run wild with back in those days. Those were the guys I ended up catching when I was in law enforcement,” he laughs. Today, Shruhan is the Director of Global IP Investigations for Apple, having spent his career in the government and private sector chasing money launderers, and major fraudsters around the globe. Think of him as Dick Tracy with a fat passport.

Shruhan comes from the school of thought that teaches humility, helping others, and never forgetting where you came from. “My father lost his job when the factory he worked in closed. As a way of giving back, my parents looked after the newborns of unwed mothers. At 12, I was changing diapers of these infants and learned from my parents that no matter your circumstances you find a way to give back.”

These days, Shruhan does what his parents instilled. As the first person in his family to go to college and make it to the top of companies like Pfizer, and Apple it’s fair to say that he’s a success. Giving back to CM is a priority. In order to compete with schools that are larger and have been around much longer, it’s the alumni who can make the difference. “If you can invest in an endowment fund you can benefit yourself as a taxpayer while making sure the place you believe in receives the kind of donation that says, ‘thanks.’”
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Don Shruhan '73

"I learned from my parents that no matter your circumstances you find a way to give back.”

The Power of Endowment

Estimated growth rate of 8% and 5% spending rate.

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  • 2003

    Original Gift
    Endowment fund established with $500,000
    First established with a Fund balance of $500,000
  • 2018

    After 15 Years
    Fund grows to $773,494
    Annual Award of $38,675 - Cumulative Financial Aid Awarded $487,701
  • 2053

    After 50 Years
    Fund grows to $1,899,391
    Annual award of $94,969 - Cumulative Financial Aid Awarded $2,709,183
For more information, please contact the Office of Advancement: (617) 469-8036.

Bill Wessell

“I had no plan on attending Catholic Memorial until my father got involved. And my father was, to put it lightly, “tough.” So, he put me in his old wagon, and took me down to the school. Took me into the gym and introduced me to Ronnie Perry.

I had a wonderful time. I was involved in just about every activity you could think of. I played basketball and baseball, and we won championships in both those sports. My class was around 258 boys, and we were all good friends through those four years. It was a phenomenal experience.

When I look back at when I entered CM, the tuition was $285 a year. And my folks didn’t have any money. What I had to do was caddy at two country clubs and wait tables at a restaurant in Norwood. And when I came home my mother would have her hand out to put the money I earned in coffee pot so that it could go to paying for next year’s tuition.

During my CM years, we had some pretty tough kids that entered the school. And these kids came from very tough families out in Roxbury, and Hyde Park and places like that. And you know, the brothers straightened them out. And so, when I fast-forward my feeling is that I’d like to give back with a sense of supporting some young boy who is underprivileged, and can’t afford to go to CM, but has the academic and athletic capability of getting in. And that kid can graduate and go on to have a better life. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Bill Wessell, Class of '63

"Looking back, CM was a critical part of my life. I'd like for someone, someday to have that same experience."

Become a Man of Action at Catholic Memorial

CM prepares students for the rigors of college and beyond. While here, boys embark on service-learning opportunities, leadership development, and character formation programs inspiring them to become confident, courageous young men motivated to do good in the world. 

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