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Clubs & Activities at CM

Learning Outside of Classes

The last bell of the academic day rings at 2:45 p.m. But that doesn't mean it's time to go home.
We believe at CM that learning continues outside of classes.
Participation in CM’s clubs and activities is an important part of the CM experience. Catholic Memorial offers a robust set of extracurricular opportunities in a range of areas including public speaking, art, performing arts, music, service organizations, and leadership development programs.

The expansive set of offerings allows students to pursue interests outside the classroom, discover new ones, and develop a better sense of their identity. As a school that emphasizes relationships, the extracurricular program invites students to create new friendships and develop rapport with faculty and staff.

More Clubs & Activities

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  • Always Our Brothers and Sisters

    Always Our Brothers and Sisters is Catholic Memorial's Gay-Straight Organization, taking its name from the U.S. Catholic Bishops letter calling for increased inclusivity of LGBTQ+ indiviuals within Catholic communities. The group discusses issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in a supportive environment for students who identify as either LGBTQ or as a straight ally. We have hosted guest speakers to discuss these issues and go on field trips to experience Boston's LGBTQ+ history firsthand.
  • Baker Street Boys

    The Baker Street Boys is CM's a capella group. They perform at school events and at concerts in conjunction with other musical groups.
  • Knights of the Round Table

    The Knights of the Round Table are part of a legacy that dates back to 1992 when Catholic Memorial students formed the first-ever multicultural club. We meet weekly to discuss topics of cultural identity, read about current events, watch documentaries and feature films, host speakers and attend local conferences and workships. Through community events and small-group conversations, we strive to promote a vision of inclusion and equality for everyone at Catholic Memorial and beyond. 
  • Latin Club

    The Latin Club explores the cultures of Rome and Greece in order to dive deeper into the ancient world. There are a few opportunties to travel and engage with other students studying Latin across the state. All students are welcome, regardless of their Latin experience. 
  • Math Team

    The Math Team competes with other schools nationwide each month in an online contest. In addition to the online contest, the club meets to discuss math topics, practice the SAT/ACT/AMC Level 1 and 2 tests.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Club

    The Meditation and Mindfulness club teaches any interested member of the community about the benefits of including a meditation and mindfulness practice into everyday life. We read interesting news articles on the subject and engage in a ten-minute guided meditation or midfulness exercise. 
  • Middle School Math Team

    The Middle School Math Team allows any student to sharpen his math and critical thinking skills. Each week, students compete in a 30 minute challenge against students from schools throughout the country. The competitions are online allowing for national competition. In general, the matches consist of 7-8 questions. Students work individually and submit their answers on their devices. For the competition, the top five scores for each team are added up to determine the winner. 
  • Middle School Service Club

    This is an opportunity for middle school students to perform acts of service for both the school and the community. There is at least one opportunity per month for which students can sign up. 
  • Model UN

    Model UN immerses students in issues of global importance. Students research, debate, and collaborate with other students in order to develop solutions for global issues and crises. Catholic Memorial runs the biggest fall day conference in the Boston area with 15 schools and up to 300 students in November every year. The program is student-run. We complete in day conferences and at college conferences, icluding Boston College's EagleMUNC.
  • National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society celebrates four pillars of student success: scholarship, service, leadership,  and character. In addition to monthly meetings, the society organizes service events, panel discussions, scholarship opportunities, and tutoring placements. For eligible juniors and seniors, this society provides a space to make a difference.
  • Psychology Club

    The CM Psychology Club exists to promote the knowledge and interest of psychology at Catholic Memorial. It is available to all students who are interested in psychology or want to learn more about it. The meetings will both explain the basics of psychology and explore interesting facets of the practice, such as the psychology surrounding social groups or criminal acts. Student leaders also plan activities to provide for a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • Speech and Debate

  • Stage Crew

    The stage crew creates and operates the scenery for the school play and other major events. This incudes building and painting sets and setting up and operating the sound system. The club meets regularly weekly after school and more often as needed in preparation for performances and events.
  • The Writing Club

    The Writing Club meets to discuss ideas about writing and life as well as to share member poetry and prose. In addition, the club sponsors monthly "Open Mics" where any student can drop in and share their thoughts, writing, or ideas. The club organizes and holds a yearly poetry slam which has been hugely successful and fun for all. 
  • Theater Program

    The Theater Program entertains the CM community with two theatrical performances every year -- a Fall Play and a Spring Musical. Students audition for various roles and spend six to eight weeks rehearsing. Performances are usually Thursday and Friday evenings with a Saturday matinee. The club offers a variety of theatrical genres over time -- comedy, mystery, drama, etc. -- so that student actors gain broad experience as performers.
  • Yearbook Club

    Yearbook Club is dedicated to building and desiging in a yearbook that captures each unique year at CM. In this club students get to be photographers, book designers, and journalists. It is a great opportunity to be part of something that will be everlasting at CM!

Become a Man of Action at Catholic Memorial

CM prepares students for the rigors of college and beyond. While here, boys embark on service-learning opportunities, leadership development, and character formation programs inspiring them to become confident, courageous young men motivated to do good in the world. 

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Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.