Dot-Com Company Founder Shares Lessons With African American History Class

Mr. Steve Goode, Social Studies Faculty
In 1979, Emmit McHenry founded a company that would be the first virtual real estate broker for many of the world's early dot-com websites.

"A lot of people have good ideas. The challenge is that when the idea doesn't work, do you have people who can take what's left and make something out of it? In other words, is there a team that is cohesive enough that if the vision you started with doesn't work, can you come up with another vision to apply their knowledge, their skills, their technology ..."

His accolades include an Honorary Doctorate from Shaw University, the Marine Corps Sunset Parade Guest of Honor for his contributions to the Nations C4 Capacity, and the Chairman’s Award from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Foundation.

He is currently CEO, in partnership with his son Kurt, of Archura, a telecommunications systems integrator, and chairman and CEO of Defense Manufacturing.

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