Retreats & Liturgies

CM’s Campus Ministry program conducts a multifaceted retreat program. Students in 7th through 10th grades attend a day-long retreat with their classmates during the school year. Each grade level focuses on a different theme.

A retreat is an enduringly popular ancient practice of Christian spirituality. The general purpose of a retreat is for participants to take time to pause and step outside of one’s daily routines and practices, in order to reflect, rejuvenate, and gain new perspectives on one’s relationships and life. Led by faculty and student leaders, our retreat program offers a diversity of retreat experiences throughout the year, which are carefully designed to help students develop their spiritual lives.

Retreat Programs

7th Grade Retreat: "The Way"

Our 7th grade retreat is a half-day retreat that introduces students to the retreat experience. Its purpose is to introduce students to the reflective themes of spirituality, relationships, and community building.

8th Grade Day of Service

Our 8th grade day of service is a day-long retreat that introduces students to the importance of Christian service and contemplative reflection. Students spend the beginning of the day serving in small-groups at various service-sites in the greater-Boston area, and finish the day in reflection and conversation about their experience doing service.

9th Grade Retreat: Being a Man of Faith and Character

Our 9th grade retreat is a day-long retreat centered on the themes of spirituality and healthy masculinity. It focuses on the life and story of our school’s founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, as a role model of being a man of faith and character.

10th Grade Retreat

Our 10th grade retreat is a day-long retreat centered on the theme of authentic relationships. Students reflect on living a life of authenticity with oneself, with others, and with God.


The Kairos retreat is a well-known and popular retreat for juniors and seniors facilitated by Catholic high schools and colleges across the country. It is a profound experience of community and brotherhood that consists of a series of talks given by student leaders and adults, accompanied by various conversations and activities, with ample opportunity for free time and group bonding. The retreat is an overnight retreat taking part over three days.

Setting time apart from daily life for personal reflection, growth, and rejuvenation is a basic human need; the Kairos experience serves as the capstone of the retreat program.


As a school community, CM celebrates mass monttly on all holy days of obligation and celebrates special masses such as the Founder’s Day Mass to honor Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

Other special masses include the Senior Commissioning Mass and the Mass of Peace and Justice. CM’s Campus Ministry coordinates all-school masses and Peer Ministers serve as lectors, altar servers, and eucharistic ministers. Celebrants from local parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston or local Catholic colleges and universities join us to celebrate liturgies.
Music is led by CM’s Liturgical Choir.

In addition to all-school masses, Campus Ministry coordinates a weekly mass each Wednesday held before school in the chapel. Attendance for Wednesday morning masses is optional and is open to everyone in the community, students, faculty, family, and friends.

Recent Celebrants


In addition to celebrating Mass, the Campus Ministry Office coordinates opportunities for students to receive the sacrament of Penance during certain periods of the liturgical year and offers opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration.

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