Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

6:30 p.m.

CM invites you to explore STEM courses, programs, and activities offered at Catholic Memorial. The evening is presented by the Science and Math Departments. After a presentation about STEM initiatives at CM, students will get a hands-on look at science, math, engineering, robotics, and urban farming through small group activities.
Parents are welcome to accompany their son to the small group activities, meet with current parents, or speak with members of the Admissions staff.   Parents may also meet with CM faculty and students to discuss the math and science curriculum.


6:30 pm:  STEM Presentation
7:00 pm:  Small Group Activity Session 1
7:25 pm:  Small Group Activity Session 2

Small-Group Activities

Students will participate in two of the activities listed below.

Problem Solving… Robotics Style!

Robotics is an eclectic mix of applied science, mathematics, computer science, mechanics, physics, engineering design, and problem-solving. When students study robotics, they can learn to develop 21st-century skills like cooperation and collaboration, teamwork and problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Join CM faculty to try your hand at programming one of our Vex Cortex Robots to complete various challenges such as the Labyrinth, Sentry Simulation or the CM Robotics Grand Prix. 

Thinking Like An Engineer

Designers and engineers develop solutions that are rooted in scientific principles. When presented with challenges, their trials begin with ideas that are much more than just random guesses. And the final product or outcome is often the result of many different attempts that incorporate the lessons learned from failures. Join CM faculty in a design challenge where prospective students will compete to build a structure. Emphasis on planning, re-engineering, and cooperative learning will be at the center of this active, hands-on session.   

Urban Farming

Increasing world population, decreasing arable land, increasing homelessness and poverty.  These are a few of the major issues that students will face in today’s world. Get a glimpse into the world of urban farming in CM’s very own Freight Farm, a complete hydroponic growing system with innovative climate technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment is achievable 365 days a year, regardless of geographic location. Join CM faculty to help seed, transplant and harvest a crop of leafy greens grown inside an upcycled shipping container. 

Can your M&M's from Halloween ever go bad?

This experiment is designed to explore the topic of half-life. Join math faculty as we explore exponential growth and decay as a means of applying graphing skills to explain real-world phenomena. In the food industry, half-life essentially asks the question, "How long does it take for something to spoil or go bad?" Of course, the amount of time it takes for something to spoil varies, depending on the type of food. However, we might also suggest that some types of food never go bad! Apples will rot, meat will spoil, bread will become moldy, but what about chocolate? Come find out!

Mathematics, Physics, Gravity… and a Rolling Ball!

Projectile motion (things moving in an arc through the air — like a baseball or rocket) can be modeled using complex mathematical formulas and the applied laws of physics. It can also be intuitively learned through trial and error. The object of this session is to learn through an interactive experiment. Students will come to understand how height, angles, and gravity affect the motion of a marble rolling down a ramp. Our goal will be to hit a well-placed target! More than luck will be required as students work in small groups, challenging each other to find success. 

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