Writing in General

  • Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an amazing resource for everything writing-related. It has pages about the writing process, academic writing, grammar, and punctuation; it has pages about writing for specific disciplines (for example, how writing for English class is different than writing for a psychology class); it has pages about writing in English as a second language (for example, if your first language is Spanish, and you learned English later); and it has pages about writing (and citing) research papers. Go ahead and explore, or see Ms. Wilson for specific advice about using the website.  

Evaluating Resources

  • On this page, the Purdue OWL gives an overview about how to evaluate a source – in other words, how to decide if a source is both useful and reliable. Be sure to click through the different sections of this topic (the following pages go into detail about practical ways to make this decision). 

  •  Cornell University’s Digital Literacy Resource gives a helpful checklist for evaluating sources. Use this checklist to help you decide if the information in your source is independent and reliable, or if it is opinion-driven and biased. 

Citing Sources

  • EasyBib is an automatic citation generator. This means that you can put in the information about your source, and the website will automatically create the citation for your bibliography in the style you choose (usually MLA style). CAUTION: EasyBib is not very good at creating citations for websites; you should always check the citation yourself to be sure it is correct.
  • This is an additional source from the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab). Use this website to help you correctly format your works cited, or bibliography, page. You can choose to look up citations in the APA, Chicago, or MLA style. Most teachers at Catholic Memorial will ask you to use MLA style, and the “MLA Formatting and Style Guide” is an invaluable resource. Even if you use EasyBib to create your citations, you should use the Purdue OWL to check that the citation is correct. 
  • This website is similar to easybib.com, but it allows you to create citations in the APA format for free. 

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