Reaching Your Potential

Catholic Memorial School students grow in excellence as scholars, athletes, and leaders – but balancing all of these roles is a skill that takes time. CMARC provides resources to help students achieve this balance and achieve their goals.


  • How to Study for a Test
    This workshop covers different methods to study for a regular test. 
  • Exam Preparation
    This workshop provides students with a practical, step-by-step guide to studying for a large cumulative exam. It also includes a timeline for spreading out studying over multiple days. While originally prepared for midterms and finals, this workshop is also applicable to other tests.
  • Time Management Workshop
    This PowerPoint presentation explains the importance of time management, and walks students through the process of creating an efficient schedule. Students should use the “Study Schedule” file as a supplement to this PowerPoint. 
  • Learning Styles
    This packet examines three different learning styles, and asks CM boys to identify their own strengths as students. It includes practical advice for boys who use each learning style. 
  • Active Reading Strategies Workshop
    This packet discusses the best way to complete reading at home. It explains different ways to annotate, and includes examples for a science class and an English class.  
  • Note Taking
    This packet explains and demonstrates three different styles of in-class note taking, including two-column notes, mind mapping, and outlining. This has been the most popular workshop so far! 
  • Midterm Study Schedule
    This is a sample review sheet and study schedule. 
  • Midterm PowerPoint
    This PowerPoint explains the importance of midterm exams to your GPA, and discusses various study methods.

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