Faculty Directory

CM has a dedicated and masterful faculty whose ongoing commitment to professional learning inspires our student body through insightful, boy-specific pedagogy.
The values and lessons that are learned at these ages are foundational. CM faculty and staff foster a rich and supportive community that helps students make meaning of their lives. The faculty is the heart of our school and leads our community.

CM has invested in a carefully selected faculty for their ability to engage, communicate, and inspire. CM faculty form lasting relationships with students, while becoming mentors and a source of guidance and friendship for many students long after they have graduated.

Over ninety percent of CM faculty hold advanced degrees, are deeply committed to their students, and give time and attention to each student’s academic, social, and spiritual life. Our teachers are coaches, advisors, and mentors who care deeply about each boy’s interests and personal concerns, as well as his academic work. Above all, our teachers are life-long learners, engaging in ongoing coursework and professional development. They actively pursue their own intellectual passions and scholarship in a way that models the constant learning we expect of our students.

90% of all CM faculty hold advanced degrees with five holding doctorate degrees.

About Us

Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.


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