Online Research Databases

Use these online research databases to find e-books, reviews, or articles from newspapers, peer-reviewed journals, and magazines. While on campus, you will be automatically signed in for each database. To use these databases from home, pick up a “Library Resources” guide from CMARC to get the usernames and passwords. 

Database Links and Descriptions

Use this database to search past issues of the local Boston newspaper, the Boston Globe.
Use this link to search past issues of the local Boston newspaper, the Boston Herald.
Use this database to find electronic versions of classic novels, like Call of the Wild.
Look in this database for scholarly texts and reference works about the Bible and biblical history.
This archive includes over 800,000 primary source documents from the years 1874 and 1965. You can also search the companion website,, to find secondary materials about the same time period.  
This database, intended for advanced readers, searches through thousands of journals to find relevant articles. Be sure to look at the search options; for example, you can choose to only look for scholarly peer-reviewed articles in your search.
“This database specifically focuses on biographies, ranging from Cleopatra to Thomas Jefferson to Tom Brady.”

This database, intended for students in grades 9-12, separates articles by category, including Arts and Literature, Biography, Current Issues, Geography, Health, and more.
This link offers you access to multiple specific databases; carefully read the database description to see if it matches your research needs. Each database offers full-text articles.
This is the largest, most comprehensive encyclopedia in the world.
This is a great encyclopedia to start your research. The ‘Student’ page is great for Middle School students, while the ‘Advanced’ page is good for High School students. Be sure to check out the tabs on the top of each page – every article includes images, videos, and links to other related articles to help you get started with your research.

This website offers a list of copyright-friendly pictures and music; in other words, they are pictures and music that you can legally use without asking the author’s permission for a class project.

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