Virtual Mass & Prayer Resources

Campus Ministry is the spiritual heart of the school and our community. During this time of online learning and social distancing, the Campus Ministry Office has gathered resources for communal connections and personal prayer. 

At Catholic Memorial School, we understand that Christian service begins by recognizing the truth of Jesus’ Great Commandment: by loving one another we love and encounter God. We invite you to consider living out this spirit of service while you social distance in your own home. These are difficult times, but as a Catholic school we believe we are disciples with hope to bring in these challenging times.
Please click the links below to access resources for livestreams of the daily mass, options to read the daily readings, and prayer guides.

Each morning, Dr. Corso is leading morning prayer in CM's virtual chapel at 8:45 a.m. Please click here to join morning prayer. If you'd like to a make a prayer request to be offered during morning prayer, please complete the form below.

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At-Home Service

Here are a few suggestions to practice CM’s spirit of faith and service in your own home: 

  • Remember you are a CM Knight: The calling of a Knight is to care for and protect others. This is a stressful time for all. Check-in with your family. See how they are doing. Remind them that you love them. Remember – it is our responsibility to share the love of God with others.
  • Be a good brother: Assisting siblings with any schoolwork or assignments.
  • Help around the house: Asking your family if you can help with any chores around the house.
  • Reach out to others: Calling or texting friends/neighbors/relatives/elderly to check-in on them. You can ask them how their day was and let them know that you were thinking about them.
  • Be good stewards: Do not waste resources at home; this includes food, water, electricity.
  • Be compassionate online: Actively discourage any stigmatizing and stereotyping of people affected by this situation. Remember all people- regardless of nationality, age, or health- are our brothers and sisters.
  • Live, Jesus, in my heart: make time for prayer. We recommend praying the CM Examen written specifically for CM students. When we allow Jesus into our hearts through prayer, we receive the hope, spirit, and nourishment necessary to share God’s love with others.  

Service Hours Update

All students in grades 9-11 are still required to meet their necessary hours in service of the outside community, but are no longer required to complete the five hours of stewardship to the Catholic Memorial School community. That given, the deadline to meet this requirement has been extended to July 31. Students will be given two extra months to meet this necessary requirement, log and verify these hours.
Please note that should a student fail to complete their hours by this date they will receive an incomplete grade for their Theology class and must complete twice the amount of incomplete hours over the month of August or else they will not be promoted to the next grade.
You may refer to the Campus Ministry Service Program section of the website for more info, and for access to the x2vol tracking system that students must use to log their service hours.

Please contact Mr. Michael Dermody with any questions.

Virtual Chapel Prayer Requests

We encourage parents and students to offer prayer requests which will be read during our virtual morning chapel.
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Please note your prayer request below.

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