Academics & Online Learning

During the online learning period, CM faculty will conduct courses through online platforms including OnCampus and Microsoft Teams. CM will follow the regular day and period rotations (see modified times below). Students are expected to log in and participate in activities for each course at the appropriate time.  

Throughout this time frame, we will continue to monitor the situation regarding the coronavirus and will update families with any changes to this planned schedule.


Have a question about the coming week? Here are our staff best suited to provide an answer.

Additional Information

Content & Instruction Delivery

Students should utilize OnCampus to view their assignments, projects, etc. Teachers will use Microsoft Teams primarily to conduct the courses. All CM students have access to Microsoft Teams via the Microsoft Office Suite and many have already been using this tool in their classes. 

Support During Online Instruction

This is a unique moment in our world. Schools and universities have been forced to adjust its instructional approach. Our work over the last several years has placed us in a position to continue teaching and learning. As with anything new, we anticipate that challenges, technological issues, or other questions will arise. CM is prepared and committed to helping all students and families overcome these challenges. 

Expectations for Students

Attendance will be taken for each period daily. Faculty will have the same expectations for student timeliness, preparedness, participation, and behavior as they would for in-person classes. Students are expected to be attentive to the teachers and course activities.  

We ask for parents to help us set these expectations for students. Please help your sons find a space free from distraction where he can attend his virtual classes. Students should refrain from using technological devices during class time beyond those required for a specific period, just like they would during physical classesHomework will be assigned regularly as it would in a normal classroom setting. 

If students cannot participate on a particular day or for a particular period due to illness, medical appointment, etc., parents should send an email to as you would on a regular school day. 

Faculty Preparedness

At CM, the faculty is already leaning forward in their approach to teaching and learning. Teachers are action-oriented, self-starting innovators among their peers.

Over the last five years, CM has focused its professional development on innovative pedagogical approaches to teaching boys. Over the
 past several weeks, the faculty has prepared thoroughly for distance learning. We are ready for this educational shift and committed to its success. 

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