Fall / Winter 2020

When we began work on this edition of the magazine in January, news coverage mentioning coronavirus had just begun and the school had kept a watchful eye on its development. But life on Baker Street continued as usual, as did our magazine’s focus on creativity. By the time we finished the magazine in May, coronavirus had changed everything about our world and the school day. However, one important part of CM remained unchanged – CM’s creative and dedicated faculty worked non-stop to deliver CM’s mission.

From March through June, the faculty’s enthusiasm, innovation, collaborative spirit, and dedication were on display as CM deployed a carefully planned, industry-leading online program. Faculty adapted to the moment and found new ways to make learning rigorous, active, and real-world applicable. Students in a history class spoke with a POW, students in AP Spanish participated in a webinar hosted from Mexico City, and an art class created its own version of famous works of arts using materials they found at home. I was impressed watching my colleagues’ creativity take hold in real time.

We often talk about preparing students for a changing world. In a few short months, the world changed dramatically, but the school did what it prepares students to do best – adapt. CM Magazine adapted too. We were already focusing on the creativity of our alumni, faculty, and students. Like the faculty, we also pivoted to capture CM at this moment in time.

Dan Chisholm '03
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications

Gage Mohammed '21

Gage Mohammed '21 spoke to the participants of the annual CM Golf Tournament this fall. Hear him explain how he found a lasting brotherhood on Baker Street.

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Honoring the Man in the Red Bandanna

Alison Crowther, the mother of the 'Man in the Red Bandanna,' spoke to the entire Catholic Memorial community this fall about her son, Welles. Students read about the hero over the summer, and faculty incorporated the book into a variety of lessons in the fall.

Hear an excerpt of Mrs. Crowther's speech below.

Rethinking "Man-Up"

CM celebrates four Knight Days during the academic year. Each day highlights one of four different components of CM: academics, arts, athletics, and service.

This November, our school celebrated its Campus Ministry Knight Day. The day focused on advocacy for men’s wellness and the stereotypes that plague masculinity. Students collaborated in workshops that addressed problems related to mindfulness and emotional wellness for men of all ages.

To deepen the students’ understanding of these issues, several faculty members presented testimonies about what they believe defines a man.

Watch the faculty speeches below:

Mr. Hal Carey '95

At 2 weeks old, Mr. Carey’s daughter Claire was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. To Mr. Carey, being a man means advocating for his daughter and finding the strength to support her through moments of adversity.

Mr. Vin Catano

Mr. Catano isn’t afraid to pursue his interests. He loves poetry and coaching track. In his talk, he told students that a real man refuses to compromise what he loves in order to put up a facade for others.

Mr. Brian Clark

When Mr. Clark declared his Classics major at the College of the Holy Cross, many of his peers had already completed years of Greek and Latin classes. Mr. Clark, on the other hand, arrived having completed none. But he loved the subject matter. According to Mr. Clark, a man refuses to back down from the steep learning curve ahead of him.

Mr. Karl Danso '04

Mr. Karl Danso ’04 taught in Washington, D.C. for nine years after graduating from Boston College. When he returned to CM as the new Vice Principal of Grades 9-12 this year, he noticed many changes in the way CM looks. However, he still recognizes the same everlasting spirit that existed in the role models who taught him years ago.

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