For more than 20 years, Catholic Memorial’s Middle School program has been a forward leaning middle school academic program. Our dedicated, middle school faculty have designed our academic program to teach both content and skills. Our curriculum intentionally takes a deep dive to help our students discover new passions, while gaining the required skills and habits to ensure future success. Skill development in our rich and supportive middle school community is the hallmark of our program.

Our middle school community cares for all aspects of our students. In addition to the life of the mind, a CM education shapes the character and values of our students. From the very start of the middle school experience, students grasp the concept that we “are indeed our brother’s keeper.” Through faculty mentorship, the role modeling of our older student leaders, and carefully chosen course readings, our students mature into moral and ethical leaders who care for others.

Throughout its 60-year history, Catholic Memorial has been an oasis for young men from greater Boston and around the world. Our middle schools program provides our students with the skills and confidence to become leaders in our high school and beyond. Our program is designed to help boys gain the skills that they need, to believe in themselves, and to have the confidence to pursue passions that inspire them.

Middle School Highlights

8th Grade Boat Launch
Students while in eighth grade take to CM's Innovation Lab and the Charles River for a project involving design, engineering, and construction of boats. Students design their boats using CAD software and construct them with PVC pipes and plastic siding. Through the hands-on activity, students learn about the science of boats and test their crafts in the water.

Middle School Speech
In our humanities courses, we utilize small group and whole class discussion as an important teaching tool. Students are the focal point of our humanities classes as they present ideas, criticize reasoning, and defend hypotheses. In addition, our English courses enhance students’ public speaking skills through dramatic readings of poetry, verse, and prose. Students are introduced to public speaking techniques in the seventh grade. As eighth graders, students attend an interscholastic speech and debate tournament. In addition, eighth graders participate in a spring speech festival.

Global Education
At CM we want our students to study and experience the world outside of Boston and have the confidence and poise to express themselves in a public setting. In middle school, our students begin their world language study with a year of Latin and then have their choice of studying Latin, French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish in the eighth grade. In addition, our students have the opportunity to travel the world. Our BERSI (Blessed Edmund Rice Solidarity Initiative) program offers 10 international and domestic learning experiences throughout the year. Over the course of their six years, students will have more than 60 opportunities to explore international and domestic locations. Each year two of our BERSI trips are designed specifically for our middle school students.

About Us

Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.


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