An interactive classroom experience

Our middle school courses encourage students to develop a deeper grasp of concepts. Harnessing the curiosity and energy of middle school boys, our classes are interactive, inquiry-driven, and collaborative. With twenty years of experience, our middle school program is designed with adolescent boys in mind and we know how adolescent boys learn. Instruction harnesses the boys' natural energy and allows them to be active learners in the classroom. Our middle school teachers consider themselves professional students and are consistently honing their pedagogical skills to reach and inspire 7th and 8th graders. The teachers understand each student’s strengths, his learning style, and his interests. This understanding leads to better education and allows our students to succeed. Our liberal arts-based program instills a strong foundation for high school study in our students. Students are grouped by ability for math and English courses in the middle school.
Concept in Action: The Finest Hours
  1. Students READ The Finest Hours in Social Studies Class. Old Man and the Sea is read in Language Arts Class
  2. Students EXPERIMENT with sulfur content in Science Class
  3. Students BUILD boats made out of corrugated plastic
  4. Students INTERACT with members of the United States Coast Guard
  5. Students SAIL their boats on the Charles River

Interdisciplinary Learning

List of 5 items.

  • "Pay It Forward"

    The "Pay It Forward" project introduces the seventh graders to our Christian service program. Each seventh grader is given $10. He is tasked with researching chartiable organizations and then deciding on one, to which he will donate the money. Afterward, he writes a reflective essay that provides a rationale for his choice. This project introduces students to the variety of charitable organizations and causes and begins developing an understanding of justice and empathy in the seventh graders.
  • 8th Grade New York Experience

    For its signature trip, our eighth grade travels to New York City. Over two days in New York, students tour the United Nations Headquarters, examine works of art in the Guggenheim museum, watch a Broadway Show and attend a Yankees or Mets game.
  • National History Day

    With our emphasis on Global Education and Public Speaking, middle school students participate in the National History Day project, which is conducted by the University of Maryland. Students select a historical topic and research its importance using both primary and secondary sources. Using their research, students compose an essay complete with proper documentation that explains the importance of their selected topics. In addition, students present their research through oral presentations, interactive websites, and creative displays and exhibits. Students are introduced to the rigors and parameters of research and original writing which will be expanded upon in the high school program.
  • Spring Speech Festival

    Catholic Memorial emphasizes the art of public speaking at all grades and especially in humanities courses. This instruction begins in earnest in eighth grade English. Throughout the year, students recite declamations, speak extemporaneously, and offer dramatic readings of poetry and prose in class. During the spring, eighth graders compete in a round-robin speech festival in Donahue Hall. Each section of eighth grade English conducts a mini-tournament with winners moving on to a class-wide tournament.
  • STEM Project

    The middle school science curriculum is hands-on and inquiry-driven. As part of science classes in the seventh and eighth grades, students engage in a 6-8 week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project. Students utilize key scientific concepts and principles to design and conduct the project.

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Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.


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