Each year, we support the school’s financial aid program because we believe in providing young men with the opportunity to transform their lives. This year, we've pledged $100,000 to a Pandemic Plea and are asking you to help DOUBLE our community's effort to support CM students. Join by June 30th!

~Mary & Tim Hegarty '66 P'97 GP'24

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    • Tim Hegarty '66 P'97 poses with his grandson, Brendan McKinney '24, at the groundbreaking for the Center for Integrated and Applied Learning.

From Tim & Mary:

Dear Members of the CM Community,
We hope all is well with you and your family and that you are continuing to stay healthy.
There is still so much to celebrate at CM, even though this semester is not what the students expected. CM’s Class of 2020 has graduated and been welcomed into the alumni community. CM has excelled in distance learning, quickly becoming a leader in online learning throughout Greater Boston. We applaud all the faculty and staff for their valiant and dedicated efforts. I am proud to report that CM remains dedicated to serving its students and continues to be innovative and creative in these unprecedented times.
Like many schools and businesses across the country, CM has been truly impacted by this pandemic. This year, the school was unable to hold its Spring Gala, rent its fields, and will not be able to host its summer camps. As a school, CM needs these funds to directly support its financial aid budget. As a mission driven school, CM depends greatly on yearly giving along with these programs so that the school can provide financial assistance to 68% of its students.
My family has and will continue to support CM. Each year, we support the school’s financial aid program because we believe in providing young men with the opportunity to transform their lives. We have witnessed firsthand the blessings that come with a CM education through our son and now, our grandson. We understand that in this moment in history that CM needs our collective support. CM was there for me growing up, and now we must rally for the school and its students today.
Therefore, we have pledged $100,000 to a Pandemic Plea and call YOU to action. Join us and help CM support its financial aid program and other COVID-19 related expenses. We will match every dollar raised during this Pandemic Plea effort up to $100,000 through June 30, 2020.
We hope you will DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and support the Pandemic Plea this fiscal year or increase your gift to support CM in these challenging times. You can make your gift today here.

Note: According to Section 2205 of the CARES Act, there is now no limit to the deductions you can take for charitable contributions if you itemize during the 2020 calendar year.
As an alumnus, alumni parents, and current grandparents, we have always made CM a philanthropic priority, and are especially proud to be part of this community. We all need to step up to ensure that CM students are provided an exceptional educational experience, and CM can retain talented teachers, mentors, and coaches that make a difference in young lives.
Every gift counts! Can we count on yours?

Go Knights!
Mary and F. Timothy Hegarty ’66 P’97 GP’24

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