The Center for Integrated and Applied Learning

The Future of Education Starts Here.

We have renovated our administrative wing into a nucleus of 21st century teaching, learning, and collaboration. The Center for Integrated and Applied Learning represents the largest capital improvement project in our school's history. It also represents the future of educating boys.

Watch the videos below to relive the June 6, 2019 groundbreaking ceremony and learn about our ongoing efforts to advance modern curriculum with Knight-Based Learning.

The Center Features:

“We're kind of like an educational startup. Even though we've been around for a long time, we have a great tradition. There's an element of reinventing this school, but also Catholic education in this country.”

~ Mr. Vin Bradley

Our Creation & Collaboration Spaces

The Center for Integrated and Applied Learning may represent our biggest step yet toward revolutionizing our classrooms, but it's far from the first. We have already designed and unveiled an Innovation Lab (2015), a Critical Making Lab (2017), a Seminar Room (2017), a Math Studio (2018), a Student-Faculty Collaboration Hub (2018), and many more spaces that go far beyond the traditional classroom. 

Click here to learn more about how our flexible spaces are pushing us forward.

Knight Based Learning

We believe that where boys learn is critically important to how boys learn. That's why we're creating cutting-edge studio classrooms and collaborative workspaces to complement our dynamic curriculum — or what we called Knight Based Learning (KBL). Here, students get hands-on projects that allow them to test concepts, engage in scientific discovery, and explore artistic expression. 

That's our formula for igniting a lifelong passion for learning.

To learn more about KBL at CM, click here.

Help Make the Center for Integrated and Applied Learning Come to Life

For the past 60 years, CM has educated boys across Greater Boston and beyond. Our students come to Baker Street from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities. It has always been our goal to help give boys who come through our doors the greatest possible access to tools and spaces that will allow them to thrive in a competitive world. This Center is our most ambitious attempt yet to position ourselves as a thought leader and innovator in the realm of Catholic education. 

We also know we can't do it alone — the support of our generous donors allows us to do all that we do for our students. We're excited that this project will allow us to keep blazing a trail of modern education.

We hope you can join us on that journey.

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About Us

Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.


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