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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts are a vibrant part of Catholic Memorial School. In grades 7 through 12, our students are actively involved in all aspects of the arts both inside and outside of the classroom. Our students are engaged in the process of creating, critiquing, and sustaining art through coursework, conversation, demonstration, practice, rehearsal, as well as in their extracurricular studies and pursuits. Via technology and a hands-on, 21st-century learning approach, students have a wealth of opportunities to showcase their talents both onstage and off; with paintbrush and pen; vocally and instrumentally; as well as in front of and behind the camera.

We in the arts believe in educating the young men of Catholic Memorial aesthetically, artistically, intellectually, and spiritually. The Arts are a visceral, living process where students create memorable and lasting expressions which will live in the annals of Catholic Memorial’s history for decades to come. We lay one brick at a time in the foundation of arts education for each Catholic Memorial Knight.

All three goals are intrinsic to the program. The selection of required canonical and nontraditional literature and the expectation of independent reading contribute to the development of sound comprehension skills and analytical ability. The quality and range of discussion possible in small classes generate increased depth of thought as it places a premium on the ability to present ideas with clarity and focus. An emphasis on frequent writing at every grade level works toward the establishment of refined and persuasive writing ability. As it works to produce effective readers, thinkers, and writers, the department also seeks to develop each student's intrinsic love of literature and increase his understanding of experiences different from his own

Course Offerings

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  • Art 7

    This yearlong art course explores the fundamentals of art by practicing the elements of art and the principles of design through multiple mediums. Students will create multiple two-dimensional projects with pencil, pastel, paint, chalk, and printmaking materials. They will create multiple three-dimensional projects including the design and assemblage of wooden luminaries built in the innovation lab and other various sculptures. In addition to learning the elements and principles, students will learn about various art history movements and other cultural influences in the art world.
  • Music 8

    This year-long performance and theory based course will introduce students to music theory as it pertains to the music staff, notes, rests, accidentals, dynamics, tempo, and the role of the conductor. Students will present a required public performance twice during the school year (The Christmas Concert and Middle School Showcase). Students will learn how to sing in an ensemble incorporating blending, breathing, and vocal technique. Students will also study rhythm, drumming, and group performance.
  • Music 9

    This half year, non-performance-based course will serve as a survey-type course in music; covering a wide variety of music genres. This course will provide a variety of aural and visual performances while also introducing students to a variety of styles of music, including, but not limited to: rock, pop, jazz, classical, opera, operetta, musical theatre, country, and a cappella. Students will also be introduced to basic music theory related terms and symbols.
  • Art Appreciation

    This semester-long course explores art history through a variety of learning experiences. Students cover major art movements from the earliest Stone Age era up until contemporary times. By examining famous art, artists, and styles students create a variety of pieces of art through drawing, painting, design, and sculpture.
  • Studio Art 1

    In this year-long course, students will focus on the fundamentals of visual art. Through project-based learning students will seek to understand the elements and principles of design, such as visual composition, line quality, value, balance, and form. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of artistic mediums and methods; using these skills in their own creative practice. Throughout the year they will be creating artworks with an emphasis on observation and realistic representation.
  • Studio Art 2

    This year-long course may be taken by students that have completed Studio Art 1. The course is designed for those students who would like to further the development of their creative expression. The first half of the year will be focused on achieving mastery of realistic drawing and drawing mediums. The second semester will move into exploring more artistic mediums and materials, such as printmaking, photography, and acrylic painting.
  • Studio Art 3

    Designed for the serious art student, this course will explain the procedures and formats necessary to develop a comprehensive studio art portfolio. In the first semester, students will create projects focusing on observational subject matter, using drawing materials of their choice. From these intensive drawing assignments, students will be able to design their own projects for the second semester. By the end of the year, studio art 3 students will be expected to produce an artistic portfolio that can demonstrate creativity, originality, and an understanding of their artistic mediums. This course may be taken by students that have completed Studio Art 2.
  • Computer Graphics

    This year-long course is designed to introduce the use of the computer as a creative tool to express visual communication. Using Adobe Photoshop and other presentation applications students will learn how to effectively use photo editing, page layout, graphic design, typography, and computer-generated drawing. This course will provide the students with the understanding of how to use the elements and principles of design in their digital creations.
  • Cartooning

    This year-long course explores the process of cartoon making through a variety of projects. Beginning with a historical overview, students will understand the evolution of cartooning. They will study character development, political cartoons, panel and layout design, and eventually create their very own graphic novel.
  • Sculpture

    This year-long course is an introductory sculpting course where students will begin to learn the concepts and skills fundamental to an artist’s ability to reproduce what they see in three dimensions. This class explores the various materials used to create sculptures; which include wood, plastic, cardboard, wire, and plaster. Students learn how to manipulate these materials and use sculpting tools safely. With an emphasis on studio production, this course is designed to develop higher-level thinking skills and art-related technology skills.
  • Advanced Placement Studio Art

    This year-long course is designed for the art student who wishes to pursue a more intensive study of art. The requirements of the course are supplied by the Advanced Placement Committee and consist of the presentation of an extensive portfolio in three areas: quality, concentration, and breadth. Since the student will be expected to do a large amount of work on his own, there will need to be a consultation with the teacher before this course is scheduled.
  • Jazz Ensemble

    This year-long course will cover music in a variety of genres. This is a performance course which will present to public performances for Christmas and in the spring. Genres explored include, but are not limited to: rock, pop, jazz, swing, funk, blues, and Latin. It is expected that students in this course have prior working knowledge on their individual instrument. There are two required public performances.
  • Acting and Improvisation

    This year-long performance-based course will introduce students to acting and improvisation for the stage. Additionally, students will cover a wide-range of topics and performance styles, including, but not limited to: demonstration, Shakespeare, stage combat, improvisation, Radio plays, narration, voiceover, cartoons, character creation and development, direction for the stage, film acting. There are two required public performances. Class size is limited.
  • Independent Studies in the Arts

    Independent Studies in the Arts are an opportunity for students to study topics of interest in a more in-depth, one-on-one basis with the Fine Arts Faculty. Past courses of study have included: musical composition, poetry, dramatic presentation, screenplay, vocal performance, and guitar performance, among others. A required public presentation/performance occurs at the end of the academic school year.
  • Broadcast Journalism (CMTV)

    Broadcast Journalism, more commonly known as CMTV, is a year-long course and club that helps prepare students for the world of communications and media. Students who are selected will learn how to film and edit video on their way to creating a reel that they can submit to colleges.

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