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The English Department at Catholic Memorial has three distinct goals: first, to help students read with understanding, appreciation, and insight; second, to encourage incisive thinking through involved discussion; third, to enable students to write clearly, logically, and personally about the issues and ideas of literature and of their lives.

All three goals are intrinsic to the program. The selection of required canonical and nontraditional literature and the expectation of independent reading contribute to the development of sound comprehension skills and analytical ability. The quality and range of discussion possible in small classes generate increased depth of thought as it places a premium on the ability to present ideas with clarity and focus. An emphasis on frequent writing at every grade level works toward the establishment of refined and persuasive writing ability. As it works to produce effective readers, thinkers, and writers, the department also seeks to develop each student's intrinsic love of literature and increase his understanding of experiences different from his own

Course Offerings

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  • English 7

  • English 8

    In this year-long course, students practice daily critical and creative thinking strategies to improve reading, thinking, and analytical/creative writing process skills. Students read selections from classic literature in all genres, as well as contemporary non-fiction.
  • English 9 (College Prep)

    College Preparatory English 9 is a survey course that covers all genres of English: short stories, novels, poetry, drama, grammar, and oral presentation. Students will focus especially on honing their craft as writers.
  • English 9 (Honors)

    English 9 Honors is designed to give students a challenging and intense curriculum that provides a balance of literature, writing, and oral presentation. By the end of the academic year, students will have worked to master a variety of writing styles and strengthened vocabulary skills.
  • English 10 (Honors)

    This course is a challenging survey of British literature ranging from Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales to several Shakespearean plays, the Romantic poets such as Wordsworth, Keats and Coleridge.
  • English 10 (College Prep)

    This yearlong course focuses on British literature while examining different definitions of heroism. Key works include Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, Frankenstein, 1984, and Macbeth.
  • Introduction to Public Speaking

    The public speaking curriculum is designed to introduce tenth graders to the power and value of speech. Throughout the year students will study and engage in a variety of public speaking opportunities that range from informative to persuasive.
  • English 11(Honors)

    This course is a rigorous survey of American Literature. Students practice critical reading strategies as they grapple with challenging texts including The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Great Gatsby.
  • English 11 (College Prep)

    This year-long course focuses on American literature. Key works include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, Slaughterhouse-Five, and Into the Wild as well as a 10-page research project.
  • English 12 (Honors)

    English 12 Honors aims to offer students with the opportunity to grow as independent thinkers and writers. Throughout the year, students will be introduced to a variety of literary selections that will help them consider the human condition and their roles as individuals in society.
  • English 12 (College Prep)

    This course focuses on refining reading, research, presentation, and writing skills. A capstone research project presented to one’s peers is the culmination of these efforts. Students read a varied selection of literary texts ranging from short stories, novels, and nonfiction pieces.
  • Advanced Placement English Literature

    AP English is the highest level course in literary analysis and writing. All genres are explored and writing skills are enhanced.
  • Film Adaptation

    Film Adaptation is the study of how texts are translated to the screen and the difficult decisions that must be made to not simply translate stories into other media, but create brand new narrative all their own. Part film study and English course, students will study a wide variety of texts and themes.
  • College Writing

    This is a year-long class designed to smooth and enhance the transition from high school writing to college writing and beyond.

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