The CM Service Program

Since our founding, the hallmark of a Catholic Memorial education is both that our boys are prepared for life beyond CM with a strong academic foundation and that they are guided by an eagerness to love God and serve others in all that they do. Responding to Jesus’ call to love God and love neighbor and inspired by the educational mission of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers, the mission of the CM Service Program is to foster in our students an enthusiasm to share their God-given gifts and talents with their communities, and a passion to live their lives in service of others.

Service Requirements by Grade

Middle School Classes: Introduction to the Edmund Rice Way

Middle School students will be introduced to the value and importance of service through the theology curriculum and in Campus Ministry programs. The completion of service hours in the middle school is optional, but strongly encouraged. Students will have ample opportunity to take advantage of the service opportunities offered to the whole school, as well as opportunities that are specific to the Middle School, such as Random Acts of Knightness, and trips to Cradles to Crayons.

Freshman Class: 15 required hours

  • 10 hours in service of the outside community
  • 5 stewardship hours in service of the Catholic Memorial School community

Sophomore Class: 20 required hours

  • 15 hours in service of the outside community
  • 5 stewardship hours in service of the Catholic Memorial School community

Junior Class: 25 required hours

  • 20 hours in service of a marginalized community
  • 5 stewardship hours in service of the Catholic Memorial School community

Senior Class:

  • Capstone Service Project (60-hour immersive experience to a marginalized community)
  • 5 stewardship hours in service of the Catholic Memorial School community

CM Stewardship Hours

In addition to hours serving the outside community, each student will dedicate 5 stewardship hours in service of the Catholic Memorial community. These are designed for students to grow into good stewards of our shared home at CM. Examples of service hours to the CM community range from helping out at an admissions event night, tutoring younger students, running a scoreboard for a sports team, helping a teacher clean his or her classroom, helping out at the freight farm, among many other options.

Junior and Senior Service Hours

Seeking to follow the example of Blessed Edmund Rice, the Junior class' required outside service hours and the Capstone Senior Service Project must be offered into community marginalized by poverty and injustice. Examples included those affected by economic injustice (homeless, soup kitchen, food pantries) the elderly (nursing homes, rehabilitation centers), the sick (hospitals), and any otherwise underserved communities. To verify that your service meets these criteria, speak with your theology teacher or a campus minister prior to completing the service.

The following WILL NOT count towards your required CM service hours

  • Work for which you were paid or compensated
  • Work at for-profit, and not community service focussed organizations
  • Service completed for family
  • Only a maximum of 50% of students’ service hours in grades 9-11 can be completed prior to the academic year during the summer vacation. The purpose of this is not to discourage service during the summer, but to ensure each student’s service is an continuous component of his education that can be meaningfully reflected upon and integrated into his theology class throughout the year.
  • For seniors, service that is completed during the summer vacation will not be counted towards a student’s required hours or his Capstone Senior Service Project.
Catholic Memorial welcomed award-winning author and filmmaker Gerry Straub to campus on October 22, 2014 to speak to CM students about social advocacy and poverty. Mr. Straub a former Executive Producer for General Hospital who left Hollywood to become the Founder of Pax et Bonum Communications. He has traveled the world "producing films that foster compassion for those who suffer from hunger and injustice while inspiring genuine and respectful fraternity among all people regardless of faith or lack of faith." Click here to view a CMTV-produced video of his visit.

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