Episode #1: Navigating a Grocery Store With Mr. Palm

In this premiere of Baker2Go, you'll meet Mr. Brian Palm, the chair of the science department and a science teacher at Catholic Memorial. Armed with an extensive background in environmental science, Mr. Palm breaks down the different sections of a grocery store, including explaining the difference between food and "food."

Mr. Brian Palm

In addition to overseeing master planning and construction on CM's campus, Mr. Palm is the Science Department Chair. He teaches Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Theology and Science. Prior to his arrival at CM in 2016, Mr. Palm spent 12 years at Brooks School teaching AP Environmental Science and serving as Director of Environmental Stewardship. While at Brooks, Mr. Palm was the Independence Foundation Chair holder. 

Beyond his time in education, Mr. Palm has worked in the non-profit arena as an environmental scientist and in the finance sector as a climate change researcher. Outside of the office, Mr. Palm enjoys skiing, riding, and rowing. He lives with his wife and two children in Needham.

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CM's science department ... We're committed to giving our students a robust education that prepares them for a competitive field. We have collaborative spaces, like our Innovation Lab and Chemistry Lab, where students get a chance at hands-on learning; assignments like the boat project and Charles River testing that help students learn outside the classroom; and an interdisciplinary curriculum that shows our boys how other subjects like theology and English can blend with STEM to help us understand the world.

To learn more the flexible curriculum and flexible spaces that allow us to push the bounds of modern education, click here.

The future of food ... While Mr. Palm explained just the tip of the iceberg in terms of processed and unprocessed food, National Geographic has taken a deep dive into decades of data and research. Check out an extensive slate of articles revolving around the future of food here, or play around with a fun series of interactive pie charts that detail how different countries have eaten over the past several decades.

Wait, what's in that ... You heard about some of the many, often unpronounceable ingredients that make up a packaged "chocolate cake with creamy filling." So ... what about a chicken nugget? Check out this story and video  from NPR. (And just a heads-up, this is not for the faint of stomach.)

Recommended readings from Mr. Palm ...

    • Mr. Brian Palm tests water from the Charles River with his students.

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