General Questions

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Do I need to take a placement exam?

    Middle School applicants are required to take the ISEE and grade 9 applicants are required to take the HSPT (High School Placement Exam).
  • How does Catholic Memorial School distinguish itself from other schools?

    Catholic Memorial School is a private Catholic academic school located in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Founded in 1957, CM provides a rigorous academic program for young men, grades 7 through 12. The school's college preparatory curriculum and co-curricular activities are aimed at fostering the moral, intellectual, physical, social and religious development of its students. The student body is comprised of 800 students. Our student to faculty ratio is 12:1, giving every opportunity for students to receive individual attention amongst their teachers. CM students reflect the ethnic, cultural and economic diversity of Boston and its surrounding communities.
  • What kind of student does Catholic Memorial seek to enroll?

    Catholic Memorial seeks to enroll students who possess both the motivation and the ability to succeed in a rigorous academic setting. It is our hope that students attending Catholic Memorial will be fully immersed in the religious and co-curricular life of the school. The CM graduate is a Christian gentleman imbued with a care and concern for his fellow man, enriched with a strengthened mind, body, will and fortified by values that permeate his character. Admissions at CM is competitive, and the Admissions Office carefully considers academic and personal factors in its decision making process.
  • Where do CM students come from?

    Catholic Memorial takes pride in its ethnic, socio-economic and geographical diversity. CM students come from over 90 different towns and communities in Eastern Massachusetts. 43% of our students come from neighborhoods within the city of Boston, including West Roxbury, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Brighton, Dorchester, South Boston, Beacon Hill, the North End, Mattapan and Readville. 53% hail from the suburbs of Eastern Massachusetts, and 4% are international students. Click here to view a map of those communities our students call home. In addition to our local diversity, CM is also home to a growing international student population.
  • How do I apply to Catholic Memorial?

    Contact the Admissions Office at (617) 469-8019 for an admissions packet. You can also visit our admission section of the website to apply online. All admission candidates must complete an application, sit for the entrance exam and submit a transcript record from their current school.


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • How is a student's academic schedule determined?

    All students are enrolled in a college preparatory curriculum. The curriculum includes both required and elective courses in theology, English language and literature, world and classical languages, mathematics, science, social studies and history, fine arts, health and physical education, and computer science. Honors track and advanced placement courses are available.
  • Are students at Catholic Memorial grouped by ability?

    MIddle school offers English 7 Honors, English 8 Honors and Math 8 Honors.  At the high school level, almost all classes are offered at the college prep, honors, and AP levels.
  • Does CM write IEPs?

    No we do not write IEPs. Catholic Memorial seeks to ensure the success of each student in all subject areas, and the Guidance Department always considers supplemental materials like IEPs. However, the school makes no formal curricular modifications to students based on IEPs nor does it offer formal IEP services for students.
  • What is the School's educational philosophy?

    The specific mission entrusted to Catholic Memorial through the Congregation of Christian Brothers by the Church is the evangelization of youth through the apostolate of Christian education. Inspired by the vision of Blessed Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice, Catholic Memorial gives priority to education in a living faith community whereby students grow to appreciate the life and mission of Jesus Christ with a view to being committed to the world as He was, with a special concern for the poor and underprivileged. To this end, CM develops a curriculum which promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person. Catholic Memorial works at forming a community composed of students, administrators, teachers, staff and parents. This community seeks to live by Gospel values, recognizes the dignity of each individual, contributes to the building up of the local community, and works for the establishment of peace and justice in society.


List of 2 frequently asked questions.


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Is there an athletic requirement?

    Although not required, all students are encouraged to participate in our athletic program. In fact, some students participate in two or three sports. Detailed information about our sports programs can be found in the athletics pages of our website. 
  • Are students awarded athletic scholarships?

    CM offers scholarships to students in financial need. We do not offer any type of athletic scholarship and we do not recruit students for our athletic programs.
  • What other schools does CM compete with?

    Catholic Memorial competes in the Catholic Conference League with BC High, Malden Catholic, St. John's Prep and Xaverian.
  • Does CM offer intramural sports?

    CM offers intramural sports in basketball, dodgeball, street hockey and volleyball. Students compete by homeroom; all students are encouraged to participate in our intramural program. 


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • What religious order is Catholic Memorial affiliated with?

    Catholic Memorial was founded by the Congregation of Christian Brothers in 1957. The Christian Brothers are a religious order of men whose commitment to education dates back to 1802. Inspired by the Congregation's Founder, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, CM seeks to create an atmosphere of Christian care and concern in which all students can grow to maturity. 
  • How does CM acknowledge its Catholic identity with the students?

    The school recognizes its Catholic identity through daily theology courses taken by all students, Masses held once a month at the school to celebrate as a community, individual class retreats, and a thriving community service program through the Campus Ministry Office. School-wide food and clothing drives are held throughout the school year and donations are distributed to the various shelters in and around the city of Boston.
  • Are there students currently enrolled in CM who are non-Catholic?

    Yes. While most of our student body is comprised of students of the Catholic faith, CM is enriched by the presence of students from diverse faith traditions. CM is committed to helping each student grow and develop their own personal faith.


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • In the case of inclement weather, how can I get information about school postponements or closings?

    In the event that school at Catholic Memorial is canceled, information will be posted on the following radio and television stations: WBZ 1030AM, WBUR 90.9, WBZ-TV4, WCVB-TV5 & WHDH-Channel 7.
  • What does CM offer in terms of transportation?

    The MBTA offers bus services to Catholic Memorial from the following locations: Ashmont Station, Forest Hills Station, Readville (Fire Station), Brighton, Newton and Watertown. Supplementary buses leave Catholic Memorial School each afternoon at 2:30pm and drop off at the following stations: Ashmont, Readville, Forest Hills and Brighton.

    A bus service is available for students who live outside the city of Boston for an annual fee of $1,600. Click here for more information on transportation.
  • What is the policy for having automobiles on campus?

    Students are allowed to drive to school and are required to park in the designated student parking area behind the football field. The parking area in front of the school is reserved for school staff and visitors. The speed limit on school property is 10 mph and is strictly enforced. All cars must be registered with the Dean of Students and must have a school parking permit. No student is allowed to return to his car during the school day without permission from a teacher or administrator. 
  • How does CM educate students on Internet usage?

    CM offers each student Internet access through the Library/Media Center and required computer classes. Internet use is for educational purposes. The internet enables us to connect to schools, libraries, museums, government agencies and many other information providers, greatly expanding our available resources and providing opportunities for interactive projects. By offering Internet access, our goal is to enable CM students to take advantage of the extensive resources available online, to teach them to use the material wisely and effectively, and to enhance our curriculum with expanded opportunities for communication and data sharing. We encourage our students to explore these avenues for learning which they will continue to encounter in their college and professional careers. 
  • What should I do if my child cannot come to school because of illness?

    Please call the school at (617) 469-8000 after 7:30am and before 9:00am for each day your son will be out due to illness. When he returns to school, a note must be presented to the Dean of Students from the parents acknowledging that their son was out of school. Students are responsible for any work missed while absent.

Tuition & Financial Aid

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What does tuition cost at Catholic Memorial?

    The tuition for the 2016-2017 school year is $18,700.  The Board of Directors determine the next school year's tuition in January 2017.
  • Are scholarships and financial aid available?

    Catholic Memorial offers both scholarships and financial aid to families.  In the 2016-17 school year, 66% of the familes received financial assistance.
  • What are the types of scholarships and financial aid available?

    • Merit scholarships
    • Endowed scholarships
    • Financial aid
  • What does CM offer in terms of tuition plans?

    Catholic Memorial offers families five payment plan options.

    Plan A enables parents to prepay by cash, check or money order of the entire remaining tuition balance on or before July 1. A two percent (2%) discount is applied to any family that chooses this plan.

    Plan B offers families a low interest, fixed rate loan program administrated by Your Tuition Solution. Flexible terms from 12 months to 60 months. A two percent (2%) discount is applied to any family that is approved and satisfies the tuition balance prior to July 1.

    Plan C enables families to prepay the entire remaining tuition balance by credit card. CM accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. No discount applies to families selecting this option.

    Plan D offers families ten electronic transfers through their checking or savings beginning in July and ending in April. This option carries a processing fee of $100.00.

    Plan E offers families to pay half of the tuition balance on or before July 1, and the remainder on or before December 1. No discount applies to families selecting this option.
  • When do I need to reserve my son's seat for the following year?

    Students intending to return to Catholic Memorial the following academic year are required to do so with a $1,000 deposit.
  • Whom can I contact if I have questions about financial matters?

    For information regarding tuition and student fees, contact the Business Office at (617) 469-8006.

    For information regarding scholarships and financial aid, contact Michelle Pappas at (617) 469-8045.

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