Teaching. Inspiring. Connecting.

Teaching here requires a little more. Every member of our staff has an advanced academic pedigree and a sophisticated understanding of teaching in today’s world. 90% of our faculty have earned advanced degrees, including several doctorates.

But teaching here requires even more than that. It requires a specific understanding of how to teach boys during the most important years of their development. It requires a passion that inspires, and a commitment that extends well beyond the classroom. Our philosophy of relational learning is centered around the connection between teacher and student. So teachers here matter more. And we’re blessed to have a faculty we believe is the best in Greater Boston.

More importantly, our students agree.

Agape Latte: Mr. Rooney on Family

Mr. Rooney spoke about his experience donating a kidney to his brother, and other bonds of family in an Agape Latte talk at CM.

Karl Danso '04 Speaks to Knights of the Roundtable

Connecting With Higher Education

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Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.


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