College Placement

When boys come here, they can go anywhere.
We make sure our students are ready for the next step by entrusting each student to a full-time college counselor to receive a personalized plan through the college search, application, and selection process.
Our expert college counselors know how to structure a program that supports each student’s search for self, purpose, and potential.
So when college admissions time comes around, that feeling in the pit of the students’ and parents’ stomach isn’t worry.
It’s excitement about what lies ahead.

Mapping the Journey Beyond CM

CM’s college counseling program is unique. It goes well beyond creating a list. It is a process that is introspective and reflective. We encourage students to develop confidence in who they are. Then, we help them discover who they want to become, and use that awareness to create the right list. We focus on helping each boy apply and be admitted to the right school for him.
Freshmen grow in their own desire for self-knowledge so that they can take ownership of their learning and maximize their CM experience. Students form a brotherhood and learn to serve as supportive companions in this journey.

Sophomores learn to set effective goals for academic and personal improvement, while building skills for managing their progress. Students deepen their understanding of what it means to live with grit and a growth mindset that ensures their best efforts and results.

Juniors receive a platform for discernment that structures and supports their search for self, purpose, and potential. The Beyond CM Discernment Paper allows each student to identify the connections among his faith, aspirations, and achievements.

Seniors receive personalized counseling through the application and submission process. While determining the right college match, students continue to nurture their habits of critical thinking and enhance their leadership capacity.

About Us

Catholic Memorial, the Christian Brothers School of Boston, prepares boys for college, manhood and a world full of unknown challenges, ambiguity and complex problems and the importance of relationships.


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